Green Party Leads the Way for Young Families

The Green Party wants to make life easier for families. The gender pay gap in this country is often exacerbated by women taking time off or working part time during pregnancy and raising children. We don’t think that women’s careers should suffer because of their decision to have a family. Families should be celebrated.

The Green Party would:

  1. Ensure that the laws to prevent discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy and maternity are properly enforced.
  2. Reverse cuts to legal aid
  3. Scrap new fees for employment tribunal claims
  4. Introduce a system of parental leave in which: Every employee is eligible for parental leave after 3 months service. Each parent will be entitled to one month of post-natal leave immediately after the birth or adoption of a child. A further 22 months of paid leave will be available, with arrangements for sharing between parents.Parental leave is paid at at least 90% of regular pay, up to a reasonable maximum. There is no loss of job rights.The cost of parental leave for small firms is covered through taxation.
  5. Provide funds to enable the self-employed to claim the rights to maternity and parental leave, based upon their average income and hours worked.

We believe parents know best when it comes to childcare. If parents feel that it is right to go back to work, this decision must be made affordable for them. Their minds should be at rest that their children are being well looked after with quality care. Equally, it is a respectable and noble decision to choose to take a career break to bring up children.

The Green Party would:

  • Provide a free, universal, voluntary and flexible system of good quality early education for children from one until school starting age
  • Childcare should not only focus on costs and allowing parents to work; this policy will provide high quality early education in recognition of early years as a critical developmental phase for children
  • Improve the status of childminding as a profession, in terms of training and pay, while maintaining affordability
  • Properly fund children’s and family centres and ensure outreach to socially excluded families
Green Party Leads the Way for Young Families

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