Esher and Walton – Green Party – Local candidates

Meet your local Green Party candidates. We are courageous, we are not afraid to stand up for what is right. We are caring, we want to listen to residents of Elmbridge and protect our most vulnerable. We are principled, we will oppose corruption on a local and national scale. We are: Nick Davis for Oatlands Park, Olivia Palmer for Hersham South, Dan Fleming for Hersham North, Laura Harmour for Esher, and Finula Farruggia for Thames Ditton.

We look forward to working with you and for you, for the common good.


  • The Green Party will listen to the needs of local people, local charities, and local businesses.
  • The Green Party will introduce local healthcare facilities.
  • The Green Party will champion community based help and services for older and vulnerable people.


  • The Green Party will protect trees, parks, commons & other green spaces.
  • The Green Party will reclaim green belt by opposing the expansion of Cranmere School.


  • The Green Party will fight for better and more affordable public transport.
  • The Green Party will introduce safer crossings for pedestrians and join up the cycle routes.
  • The Green Party will ensure that there are distinct safe spaces for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.


Esher and Walton – Green Party – Local candidates

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