Esher and Walton – Green Party Candidate – Olivia Palmer

Olivia Palmer is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Esher and Walton, and the local council candidate for Hersham South.

Olivia Palmer lives and works in Walton-on-Thames. She currently works for a community housing group and has previously been involved with a number of charities. Olivia has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Human Rights and a masters’ degree in Human Rights and International Relations.

I want to fight for social justice and equality; equal rights for people of all genders, races, religions, sexualities and economic status’. I believe we can achieve this through a democratic Britain, a Britain where the people who govern represent all of us instead of just the 1%.

I joined the Green Party because they are the only party that is against austerity, the only party that doesn’t think that we all should suffer for the actions of a few.

Esher and Walton is a beautiful leafy constituency in which I am proud and privileged to live and work. We need to protect our trees and green spaces, our parks, commons and heaths. We need to protect our air quality against ever increasing traffic and our riverside homes from the risk of devastating floods like we saw last year. We need to protect our older population, our disabled people and our poorer residents against unfair cuts to our much needed public services. Despite its overall wealth, Esher and Walton is home to some people living in poverty. I want to make sure that these vulnerable groups do not get left behind.

I will work to ensure our money is spent on things the community need and want: better and more affordable public transport, increased and safer routes for cyclists and pedestrians, local healthcare facilities, community based help and services for older and vulnerable people.

Esher and Walton – Green Party Candidate – Olivia Palmer

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